in the Beginning

So here we go a brand new adventure!  Learning how to use WordPress to create a new blog.  Later I’ll set one of for VOTF.  I love beginnings!

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  • merrybrown  On April 13, 2010 at 5:33 am

    I want more! I spend all my life thinking, if only I had this or that. (Boyfriend, lover, thinner body, money, prettier hair, whatever) Then life would be perfect! I would have it all and be blissfully happy forever and ever! Then reality rears it’s ugly head and I am reminded once again that things won’t make me happy.
    Sure wish I knew what would.
    Right now it’s simple. A miracle cure for my Dad and a perfect relationship for my son.
    Plus physical perfection for me and a perfect body for my ultimate lover. >LOL. I don’t ask too much!

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